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Schedule of Condition

A detailed report logging the current state of the premises

A Schedule of Condition is usually undertaken at the beginning of a commercial property lease.  The Schedule records the state of the premises for the landlord or tenant to keep for future reference.

This useful record can be referenced throughout the lease whenever any schedules of dilapidations are served and in determining the responsibility of a specific repair.

Kept with, and referenced in the lease, they are also consulted at the end of the term to compare the premises currently to its state when the lease began.

We have significant experience surveying properties and producing Schedules of Condition for all types of commercial premises, in buildings of all ages and design styles.

What to expect in our Schedule of Condition

Our detailed reports contain a written and photographic log of the condition of the premises and its fixtures and fittings (if applicable).  In doing so we work with Landlords /Tenants who want to attach a schedule to their tenancy agreement at the start of a new lease. 

We also support those Landlords/Tenants who independently want to have this record of the state of the premises, prior to moving in.  This gives the best evidence of the condition of the commercial property when you signed the lease.

A Schedule of Condition can be sought when not referenced in the lease and for those that want an independent record of the property at given point in time.  Uses of this include as part of supporting party wall agreements or prior to any tenants’ proposed alterations.


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