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Commercial Property Surveys

Helping our clients make informed decisions

Lewis Chartered Surveyors are highly experienced in conducting commercial property surveys, also known as an RICS-Technical Due Diligence report. Regulated by the RICS, we provide robust, comprehensive and reliable surveys to help our clients make informed decisions.

Our different commercial property clients

We regularly conduct commercial property surveys for owner-occupiers, investors, landlords and tenants.

Investors and Landlords

For investors and landlords, we help them to understand the condition of their commercial property investment before they legally commit to their proposed purchase. This helps to alert them to any areas which may affect rental income or will incur liability for repairs and unforeseen maintenance further down the line.

Our surveys are also used to determine how a building is performing from a longevity/durability perspective, or if there any signs of contamination needing further investigation by specialists, which may affect the long-term use/development options for the site.

We also enable investors and landlords to monitor if tenants are complying with their responsibilities to maintain the condition of the property, for example if:

  1. Tenants are complying with the repairing covenants in their Lease and looking after the building.
  2. There are inherent defects in the property, for which the tenant may not be responsible.


For owner-occupiers we bring clarity of the property’s structure and current condition. This can help them to determine what repairs will be needed, when and what the likely cost implications of this will be. It can aid their decision-making when it comes to purchasing a property, or budgeting for ongoing repairs or refurbishment.



For prospective or current tenants, our Commercial Property Survey and Schedule of Condition Reports detail the condition of the property for which they are responsible. These can help their solicitor to limit liability for dilapidation repair costs during and at the end of their lease by tailoring the lease wording accordingly.

Our reports can also be used to inform whether to take a lease of a property, or to log its condition to define those elements for which the landlord is responsible and those that fall to the tenant. This helps tenants to assess and understand their likely dilapidations liability before taking on premises.

What to expect from us

Our detailed and robust surveys cover a broad range of practical considerations such as:

  • The state of the property if the intention is to continue using in its existing form.
  • The state of the property if the client has advised that they intend to develop it.
  • What structural issues are evident and how the building is likely to perform, from an energy efficiency perspective.
  • The expected durability and lifespan of the materials in the fabric of the structure and need refurbishment over time.
  • Whether there are likely to be any major implications when insuring the property.
  • The need for specialist assessments by other professionals of plant and equipment longevity and efficiency, such as air conditioning and heating.
  • Health and Safety risks such as presence of asbestos on the premises etc. Also if there is any visible evidence of contamination from previous uses.
  • Implications of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) – for example, properties currently with a rating of F or G cannot be leased out.
  • General compliance with The Equality Act and accessibility guidelines, and any obvious shortcomings or improvements that may be needed.

Energy Performance

Energy performance can affect the lettability of a property. A poor Energy Efficiency Rating may affect the dilapidations that a landlord is able to claim against the tenant.

Our surveys acknowledge the Energy Rating of the building. We also have access to EPC specialists who can carry out a detailed assessment, if needed. As part of our surveys, we can introduce thermal imagining technology by specialists for a supplementary fee if required and considered beneficial.


A broad knowledge of different commercial properties

Over the years, we have amassed considerable experience in surveying a wide variety of business premises. These include retail, office, warehousing and manufacturing plants as well as Listed Buildings. We also support clients looking to incorporate properties as part of their pension arrangements. Our reports are comprehensive, robust, and tailored to each property and our clients’ plans or intentions.

Clients value our reports for their detail, relevance and clarity of the property’s strengths and weaknesses.

Peace of mind


Lewis Chartered Surveyors is regulated by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). We are required to conform to all its latest standards and best practice.

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For more information about how we can help with your commercial property assessment, please do get in touch.