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Commercial property maintenance inspections

Helping you preserve the quality and value of the property

If you own or rent out commercial property, Lewis Chartered Surveyors can help you protect the quality, fabric and value of the building by conducting regular inspections of the premises.

Our thorough inspections can assess issues such as whether:

  • Your tenants are adequately maintaining the property in line with their Lease covenants.
  • Any health and safety issues that have suddenly arisen, which you need to address – for example fire safety and access issues.
  • Any natural events (such as storms, excessive heat or cold) have created problems in the building structure and features.
  • All services in the property (such as water and drainage) are being managed and maintained correctly.

Our inspections can alert you to any breaches of the lease, for example if a tenant has conducted non-approved alterations.  We would also flag any changes which may have a bearing on your insurance for the buildings.

Furthermore, clients use our reports to schedule repairs and maintenance activities to be covered by service charges for the premises.  The reports can help to limit the extent of dilapidations, which then need to be addressed at the end of a lease.

Support for those with property assets to manage

We have a long-track record conducting these regular maintenance inspections for those who have a commercial interest in a property asset and have a duty to manage and protect it. These include:

  • Owner-occupiers
  • Landlords
  • Management companies and managing agents overseeing a portfolio of properties for their clients
  • Institutional owner investors

How we help

Our assessments and resulting reports help these groups fulfil their legal obligations and take the appropriate steps to maintain and preserve the quality and value of the building.

David Lewis is a Fellow of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and an RICS Registered Valuer. We maintain a comprehensive knowledge of the latest standards, property legislation and commercial property environment. We also have many years’ experience in spotting common, and not so common, defects in properties of all ages.

What to expect from our reports


The points we highlight in our reports ensure those responsible for…

  • collecting adequate service charges from tenants
  • scheduling of maintenance/refurbishment
  • accruing large cyclical maintenance items correctly

… have the information they need to make sound business decisions and fulfil their obligations to best effect.

Our reports are used to give information to tenants, insurers, managing agents etc, so those concerned have an independent, clear, and professional assessment of the state of elements of the property, and their implications.

In addition, Lewis Chartered Surveyors is experienced in producing maintenance schedules and plans for 5-to-10-year programmes to protect the building against natural wear and tear. This helps you and your tenants to budget accordingly for any repairs and alterations.

We can conduct maintenance inspections on both residential and commercial properties, and at a frequency that suits you. Many of our clients, however, find an annual inspection and report satisfies their requirements and obligations.

Find out more

If you are finding the regular review of your property’s condition a challenge, please contact our specialists about how we can ease the process and enable you to comply with your obligations.