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Specialist Building Surveys Whatever Your Property

Drawing on our many years’ experience, Lewis Chartered Surveyors can provide you with a highly personalised and thorough building survey. This will help you to fully understand your property and its condition in relation to your plans.

With our detailed knowledge of properties of all ages, sizes and styles, you will also gain expert insights and advice. Having specialised in the Surrey and Sussex region (including the South Downs National Park) for a considerable time, we can guide you on a broad range of local matters too.

We regularly support clients with different interests in property. These include people:

  • Buying to occupy the property
  • Buying to develop the property and sell it on
  • Buying to let the property
  • Renovating, extending or repairing their property

Our surveys have helped those moving into the area for the first time, locals who are looking to trade up in property size as their families grow, and those looking to downsize.

Building Surveys tailored to your property and ambitions

As properties are all different and so too are their owners’/potential owners’ plans, we have a range of different surveys. You’ll find more detail for each of them on this page, however do get in touch if you can’t see what you’re looking for or have a specific question.

A quick overview of our different surveys.

Lewis Building Surveys – this is our most popular survey, which is broadly equivalent to an RICS Level 3 Report. Our surveys, however, cover greater depth and aim to give you more helpful insights about your property.

Historic Building Surveys – as experienced experts in historic buildings, we can produce a detailed inspection report whether your property is old, historic or listed.

Homebuyers Surveys – equivalent to the RICS Level 2 survey, this is more suited to smaller, modern houses and apartments. It comes with the option to include or exclude a valuation of the property as part of the report.

Condition Reports – We can also undertake a Condition Report. This is equivalent to an RICS Level 1 Report and is a basic inspection for new and recently built properties. The resulting report is brief and includes no repairs advice. It is only suitable for certain types of property.

Snagging List for New Builds – this gives you a thorough and detailed examination of your newly built property and highlights any incomplete or unsatisfactory aspects to raise with the developers.

Lewis Building Surveys

This comprehensive, personalised survey provides you with the insights and guidance you need to make informed decisions about your property.

In doing so, our approach is to first understand your requirements, expectations and how you intend to use the property, now and in the coming years. That understanding is then reflected in the inspection we conduct and the report you receive. It ensures your report is 100% relevant to what you want to achieve now and long-term.

Rest assured, we will carry out a thorough inspection to fully understand the building and evaluate any defects or problems.

Occasionally, the survey will reveal the need for a further investigation by a specialist in a particular issue affecting the property. On these occasions, we can assist you with any further investigations, working with other specialists, as required.

Our Lewis Building Survey includes:

  • An initial consultation with you to understand your intended use of the building, any concerns you have regarding it, and any proposals for alterations or extensions.
  • A robust and detailed assessment of the building from top to bottom and including aspects such as electrics, heating and drains.
  • Thorough and practical advice in plain English about the overall condition of the property. We always include photographs in our report so you can see any issues for yourself.
  • Advice about the overall thermal insulation and energy efficiency of the building and services.

Our surveys also include a summary with costs for any necessary work we recommend. We find our clients really value having an indication of the financial implications of any issues we have identified in the survey. These costs are based on local building rates.

Historic Building Surveys

As experts in old, historic and Listed Buildings, we appreciate such structures often come with unique circumstances and challenges for owners and occupiers. We are always sympathetic to old buildings and the work required in their management and maintenance.

Having inspected numerous old and often Listed Buildings over the years, we have accumulated an in-depth knowledge of the various construction styles and techniques adopted over the centuries. We also understand the different building techniques and styles of the local vernacular found in the Sussex and Surrey regions.

Identifying any areas of risk
As a prospective owner of an old or historic building, you need to know that your chosen property has been sympathetically repaired, cared for and there are no immediate or imminent significant repairs required. We will also guide you on any areas of risk in your property’s fabric.

What to expect from our approach
By taking the time to understand how you intend to occupy and use the property, we then tailor our inspection and advice to ensure that you receive the information that you will find useful in your plans.

Our Historic Building Survey also aims to identify any alterations that may have no authorisation from the Conservation Officer. In doing so, we consider the date of the original Listing and use our expertise to identify apparent unapproved alterations. This ensures you gain a comprehensive understanding of them.

From the oldest and most primitive timber framed buildings to more traditional solid walled houses, from thatched roofs to slate and tile coverings, we have carried out Historic Building Surveys on numerous ancient houses, converted windmills, watermills, and barn conversions.

Homebuyers Surveys (with or without Valuation and Reinstatement Cost Assessments)

Our Homebuyers Surveys (RICS Level 2) are suitable for smaller and modern houses and apartments, where a more detailed survey and report may not be needed.

It is designed as a cost-effective survey and is not suitable for larger, older, and more complex properties.

What is included in the Survey
The inspection approach is much the same as our Lewis Building Survey (RICS Level 3) but the report you receive is succinct.

It will focus only on urgent or significant matters likely to affect the market value of your property. Unlike our Building Survey, the Homebuyers Survey doesn’t include photographs or an indication of budget costs for repairs.

You will receive a summary of risks to the occupants and the building.

Our Homebuyers Survey can be provided with or without an RICS Market Valuation and Reinstatement Cost Assessment. The market valuation and reinstatement cost assessment comes as an optional additional cost and is undertaken by David Lewis - an RICS Registered Valuer.

Snagging list for newly built properties

When buying a new property, an important addition to your Survey will be a New Build Snagging List. 

Although you might expect every care to have been taken to complete your new home to a good standard, experience shows us that developers sometimes pay less care and attention than you might wish or have expected. 

Acting as independent professionals working on your behalf, we can make a thorough and detailed examination of the completed property and highlight any incomplete or unsatisfactory aspects. 

Our comprehensive Snagging List (which also incorporates photographs) can then be used in your discussions with the developer. This will help to ensure the property is finished to your complete satisfaction before you legally commit to your purchase.

Peace of mind
Don’t forget Lewis Chartered Surveyors is regulated by The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and we are required to conform to all its latest standards and best practice.